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General Ordering Questions

If changes have taken place at my bank, how can I be sure my new Check Gallery checks will include these updates?
This is a common situation because banks merge and change names frequently these days. If you think changes have occurred with your bank and want to make sure your new checks will be current, simply call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-518-5622. Most likely, we'll have these changes already in our database. If our files do not include your bank's changes, we'll give you easy instructions on how to get an MICR Specification Sheet.

What is an "MICR Specification Sheet"?
An MICR Specification Sheet is a document used to correctly encode checks and deposit slips. It provides the proper numbers and spacing so your checks will scan correctly at your financial institution. Your local bank branch has all the details, and our Customer Service Department can walk you through the process: 1-800-518-5622.

Can I add my driver's license number and/or telephone number to my checks?
You may include up to 5 lines of personalization on your checks. For your protection and due to laws in several states, printing social security numbers on any material to be delivered by mail is no longer permitted. For security reasons, Check Gallery recommends that you avoid from including your driver's license number on your checks.

How do I submit my Order?
Once you have completed the entire ordering process, you may transmit your order online via our secure server.

When will I receive my order?
Our turnaround time for delivering your checks is 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your order. This is an average time span; the time of year can affect delivery speed. If you need your order more quickly, we offer an expedited service that gets your order in your hands faster than bulk mail services. Click here to learn more about our Shipping Rates & Options.

Can I check the status of my order?
Yes. You can check on your order by using the Order Status feature of our website, or you can call toll-free 1-800-518-5622.

May I use an Offer Code?
If you have a printed advertisement with an Offer Code, you may enter that code during checkout to receive the pricing you see in the ad. This Offer Code is found in the order form section of your advertisement or brochure, and is located to the left of the subtotal line in a yellow box.

Why did I receive only part of my order?
If you ordered more than one item, your shipment may be separated by the postal service and may arrive on different days. This is perfectly normal, and all bulk mail items should arrive within 7 days of each other. Priority Mail shipments should arrive within 3 days of one another.

Are the colors on The Check Gallery's website accurate?
Color accuracy has more to do with your monitor than with our site. Due to the wide range of computer monitors and color displays, however, you should consider the colors you see on your screen to be representational. The color of the actual product may be slightly different. Product images are enhanced to show image details.

How do I contact The Check Gallery?
By mail:
The Check Gallery
P.O. Box 40006
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-4006
Call toll-free: 1-800-518-5622